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downs motors ottery st mary garage downs motors ottery st mary garage downs motors ottery st mary garage

Garage Services

Here at Downs Motors we pride ourselves on tackling any job big or small, other than our MOT’s and Car Servicing we also undertake MOT repairs as well as professionally fitting Tyres whilst you wait, Welding and Exhausts.

Car & Van Tyres

At Downs Motors we stock a selection of the most common tyre sizes however we can also supply and fit tyres to suit the needs of your vehicle or of your own choice. All tyres can be fully fitted whilst you wait in our waiting room and reception area where we have Free Wi-Fi, Tea / Coffee facilities for your convenience whilst we are working on your vehicle.

We can now also supply and fit Winter Tyres for peace of mind when driving during winter. Winter tyres typically offer superior performance to traditional summer tyres in temperatures lower than 7 Degrees Celsius and also fare better in standing water tests as well.

For the best prices on tyres in and around get in touch either by phone on 01404 812002 or by E-Mail using our contact form online.

Welding & Rust Repairs

If your car fails its MOT as a result of excessive corrosion or weak points on the underside we can also undertake rust repairs and welding in new panels / material leaving your car safe and sound ready to live on for another day.

welding and rust repairs in ottery st mary

Caught in time rust repairs can be straightforward and could save your car from the scrap head in the sky.

Don’t leave it too late as rust can quickly spread over time becoming a major problem, if in doubt a quick check underneath can reveal all. Welding repairs don’t have to be costly or disruptive however getting these repairs done sooner rather than later can help protect you and your car.

Exhaust Repairs

A leaking or blocked exhaust system will drastically reduce your vehicles ability to perform and lead to potential damage the engine or the rest of the exhaust system, some exhaust system faults can lead to warning lights and engine management issues reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption as well increase harmful emissions.

Come in for a check – where we can test, repair or replace car exhausts.

Cambelt & Cam Chain Replacement

Most cars either have a Cam Belt or Cam Chain (AKA Timing Belt / Chain) which depending on wear and tear, age or mileage may need replacing. Most manufacturers publish guidelines with suggested Cam Belt replacement intervals which in our experience can either by fairly reliable or far too optimistic. Going past these recommendations is extremely risky and the damage caused by failure of either Cam Belt or the Cam Chain is often catastrophic. Fortunately we can advise you using our experience and information available to us whether or not replacement is recommended, please note that without paperwork it is often difficult to tell if the car has had these replaced based on mileage only.

If in doubt feel free to contact us for advice.

When replacing the Cam Belt it’s wise to consider replacing the axillary drive belt (often called a fan belt) and water pump which if neglected can attribute to Cam Belt failure causing potentially £1000’s worth of damage.

Both Cam Chain and Tensioner were replaced due to wear.

Not all Cam Chains need replacing or maintenance however some vehicles may require components or chains changing as the vehicle ages or as a result of failure.

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